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Contact us at: Carmelite Monastery, Kirkintilloch
G66 3PE
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Sunday Mass 11.30

Saturday Mass 11.30

Weekday Masses Monday to Friday 8.30am

Sunday Evening
Exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament followed by Evening Prayer Sunday 4.30pm

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Meditation is for Everyone


Prayer as taught by St. Teresa:Prayer doesn't have to be done in Church;
simply find a place where you can be quiet
and avoid interruptions.You can use a picture, a candle, or some other object(s) to create a quiet ambience.
Sit in a relaxed, but attentive way, trying to keep your spine straight but not stiff.
Quieten your thoughts and emotions.Surrender all your worries and preoccupations to God.
Become aware of God's presence either with you or within you,
then close your eyes.Jesus Christ, true God and true man is with you, within you.
Remain silently in this awareness for as long as you can.Look at Him who is looking at you.

To help you to remain aware you can remember or read a short piece of Scripture
or any book on prayer which you find helpful, then return to the quiet.
Or you can gently speak to Jesus within you as th words arise.Make sure you are in listening mode.
Stay for as long as you can.St. Teresa says again to you:
"Prayer means taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us."

Prayer is not a one off event in our day, it is a matter of the heart, seeking that sanctuary within; that space within us known only to ourselves and God; the place where we think and feel. No matter how busy we are, we can always take a moment to acknowledge that presence within. If we can acquire a habit of it, we might even hear the gentle whisper of the gentle master, and return it with a quick and loving glance, a word or short phrase that keeps us in touch.