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Contact us at: Carmelite Monastery, Kirkintilloch
G66 3PE
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Sunday Mass 11.30

Saturday Mass 11.30

Weekday Masses Monday to Friday 8.30am

Sunday Evening
Exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament followed by Evening Prayer Sunday 4.30pm

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"I thank you for the wonder of my being..." Psalm 139


Everyone has a "vocation".

Our first and deepest vocation is to be the person God is creating us to be;

not the person we would like to be,

not the person others would like us to be.

This is discovered day by day as we grow in our knowledge of God and ourselves.

There is a whole inner world where we think and feel. No one really knows what we are thinking or feeling until we share it with them.

Each of us is a deep mystery. Only God knows our inmost self; It has to be discovered.

Our creation is an on-going process: we are created and re-created every day, every moment.

There is a sanctuary within where we meet God. This is the place where we find our true vocation - it's not about what we are going to do, but about who we are, and what we are called to become.

From this centre we can start discerning how best to live that vocation