15th Sunday of the Year

He went and bandaged his wounds, pouring oil and wine on them, lifting him onto his own mount.


The opposite of love is not hate.
Sometimes it is fear.
Today it is apathy or a combination of fear and apathy.
Is it simply a case of choosing what is most important to us
rather than doing the most loving thing?
Perhaps it cost the priest and the levite a lot
to walk past that man;
a relentless conscience gripping their gut
as they continued down the road.
But choices had to be made.
Being ritually clean was more important.
Was it fear that they too would be mugged if they lingered?
Or simply could they not leave their comfort zone?
How much will it cost to be a neighbour to those in need?

For healing and peace to come to this poor and broken world
love must overwhelm our apathy and fear.


Praying with the scriptures

Take time each day