Discerning a Call to Carmel

Your Dream Vocation is Here

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Each of us has within a single burning desire which only God can fulfil. If we listen attentively to it, it will lead us to the Treasure. For each, the way to that Treasure will take a different path. That particular path is what is meant by “vocation”.

Everyone has a “vocation”. Our first and deepest vocation is to be the person God is creating us to be; not the person we would like to be, not the person others would like us to be. This is discovered day by day as we grow in our knowledge of God and ourselves. 

Yes, there will be challenges and difficulties in every way of life, but where there is a "good fit" with who we are, they will be points of growth. Religious Life requires a commitment to Chastity - the total gift of ourselves, our way of relating and our sexuality, in an exclusive relationship with Jesus Christ. Poverty requires living in total dependence on God, without accumulating possessions or money; calling nothing our own, but sharing all in common. Obedience requires discerning every choice according to the call we have received, putting the needs and goals of the community before our own initiatives and desires. Community life with its wealth of support and guidance also brings the day to day difficulties which arise in any human relationships.

Where can I grow and blossom? The life requires: - common sense - normal good health - emotional resilience - an ability to live, work and pray with others - adaptability - a sense of humour.

There are signs, some easier than others to see: - Are you already a committed Catholic? - Are you free of committed relationships?  You may also want to ask yourself if you have any dependents - elderly or disabled family members, children?

If you think you might blossom and grow in our community, why not contact us giving your name and address, age, religion, marital status and why you feel drawn to our life. There are several stages: you will have time to come to know the community and for the community to know you. You will receive a gradual introduction to our life of prayer and community. During the different stages of formation as well as continuing the discernment process, you will be helped to further your knowledge of prayer, scripture, liturgy, theology and all other aspects of the life of the Church.

Contact: [email protected]melglasgow.co.uk

This is step one on an exciting discovery of who and what God has called you to be: TO FINDING THE TREASURE!